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State of Amor

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Redefining The wedding planning experience, State of Amor is a beautifully curated, modern get-real guide to planning your wedding seamlessly from proposal to honeymoon.

we are Here to Celebrate Every Couple and Their Real-As-Ever Weddings.

State Of Amor

APPROACHABLE, but never careless 
AUTHENTIC, but never rude 
CONFIDENT, but never arrogant 
DOWN-TO-EARTH, but never indifferent 
ELEVATED, but never elitist 
EMPOWERING, but never forceful 
EXPERT, but never self-indulgent 
FRIENDLY, but never overly tender 
HONEST, but never brash 
INCLUSIVE, but never catch-all 
INSIGHTFUL, but never self-important 
INSPIRATIONAL, but never lofty 
PERSONAL, but never flippant 
PLAYFUL, but never elementary 
POSITIVE, but never forced 
SOPHISTICATED, but never pretentious 
WARM, but never affected

Welcome to State of Amor, where every love story is celebrated with the warmth and authenticity it deserves. We believe in crafting wedding experiences that are as heartwarming and inclusive as they are stunningly beautiful. Our philosophy is grounded in the idea that every couple deserves to be seen, inspired, and joyously celebrated.

I'm not just a wedding planner; I'm a curator of love stories, a believer in the power of unique journeys. Nestled in the serene Pacific Northwest, I live a life that mirrors the bespoke and heartfelt touch we bring to each couple's special day. My own journey in love and life reflects the individualized and meaningful celebrations we aspire to create for every couple. I'm drawn to the road less traveled, to narratives rich in depth and authenticity, just like the stories of the couples we work with.

Boasting over 10 years of experience in sculpting dream weddings (time really does fly!), I've had the honor of witnessing love stories that resonate with passion, depth, and individuality. These stories are the pulse of State of Amor, driving us to craft a sanctuary for couples who embody confidence, creativity, diversity, and a grounded spirit.

In a time where weddings can often feel superficially curated for social media, we at State of Amor recognize the deeper, more authentic essence of your story. Your journey is more than a series of snapshots; it's a rich collage of genuine emotions, shared experiences, and distinctive paths. Here, we offer an inspirational, inclusive, and refreshingly real approach to wedding planning. Every couple finds their niche with us, a place where their unique tale is not just told but celebrated in every aspect. Welcome to State of Amor, where your love story is our canvas, and every detail paints a picture of your unique bond.

hello! I'm Stephanie.


Just like the content we share, our voice is all about balance. We balance inspiration and experience with relatability and authenticity in our every communication. While we’re confident in our role as event experts and industry pros, we’re also honest, engaging, transparent, and—above all—human.

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